Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pictar Mobile Camera Grip for iPhone

I am not sold on this contraption but it might prove useful for some of you out there. This project is currently on Kickstarter and is by Miggio, who is no stranger to crowdfunding projects.

This is a grip for you iPhone, and it works up to the 6p models. An app that comes with it allows you to use your camera settings on the grip, and it even has a tripod mount and a hotshoe for LED flash.

Beyond this, there isn't much that isn't already in the picture except that it will cost you 90 bucks.

The grip does not offer any battery charging, a most useful option to have for 90 bucks but the inventors didn't think it would matter.

Connection is via bluetooth, so be prepared to hug a wall when needed to charge up. Using your iPhone display to shoot pictures will cut your online time by more than half. Think in a matter of hours than a half day. Nonetheless you could do no worst in normal shooting conditions when you constantly refer to the display to crop and compose your photos.

I do find this useful if you are shooting video, the grip allows you to pan with one hand while the other can be used to hold an ice cream cone which you use to cool off during the summer heat.

I think you can find better things to spend on 90 bucks instead of this contraption.


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