Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Huawei and Apple devices to feature Dual Cameras

Going forward there isn't much sense in the megapixel race. After Nokia topped it off with a 40 megapixel shooter, there wasn't much going forward until now.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei, has teamed up with Leica to offer the P9 Android based Smartphone that has a dual camera. But how it uses the camera is a little different.

Both are 12 megapixel cameras but only one shoots in color, the other in monochrome.

How so?

Well, the engineers at Leica sort of figured out that two merged photos are better than one since the monochrome camera sees better contrast, once paired with the color version the final picture will be one that would have better sense of depth and higher dynamic range.

Stock image portal, EyeEm partnered with Huawei to give its photographers some sample units to shoot with and the results are not too shabby.

That is until you examine the darker images shot in poor lighting and you'd see quite a fair amount of noise.

Such is the life of a small sensor. You can't capture enough light in low ISO.

Even though the P9 camera sensors are only 12 megapixel, it will never ever come close to that from a DSLR with the same number of megapixels.

But Huawei isn't the only one who will be doubling down on a dual camera device. Apparently rumors have it that Apple themselves will be releasing the iPhone 7 with dual cameras and though it remains to be seen how such a system is going to benefit image capture, one thing comes to will have better bokeh.

Bokeh seems to be the goal of these dual camera systems. Both the iPhone and Huawei will have no problems achieving this since both these cameras will make it much easier to capture depth and rendering in a bokeh is practically idiot proof.

Previously, Google's own Camera app is able to do this with a single camera capture except that you needed the extra step to slide the camera to allow it to capture depth. This means that you cannot capture moving objects and have bokeh rendered in.

Now, with the option of having two cameras side by side, this extra step is made unnecessary.

For now, Huawei hasn't made a decision to enter the US market, so that means consumers in Asia and Europe will get a first taste of the P9 while the rest of America has to wait for Apple's iPhone 7 to sample this bokehlicious feature.

The Huawei P9 should sell within a ballpark cost close to that of an iPhone 7 without contract.


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