Thursday, June 2, 2016

Snapwire Now Open to Localized Photographer Request

The idea isn't new. It's been done before at professional levels but what makes it different this time is that Snapwire is essentially a mobile photographer's stock image agency, allowing you to submit photos shot entirely on  your iPhone.

The minimum request price is US$150, but half of that only goes to the photographer.

Previously, Snapwire only opened such request to qualified brands where they can offer a mission to mobile photographers and have them shoot on spec. These specs from companies such as Hertz and numerous booze brands help to create both awareness and in doing so also helps to bring down the cost of having to use a professional to shoot for them.

Imagine for a moment that you need a photo of three people posing next to a bottle of Gin, which happens to be your brand of Gin, and offer US$600 for the best picture....with model releases. You can pretty well get them at that rate. A pro photographer will charge for three models, shooting and staging time....and can run into US$8,000 for a set. The savings are enormous.

How Local Request Changes Everything

Often times when a brand turns to stock imagery, there is considerably work involved to select a good photo. Many of these images are generic stock images, and to pencil in a brand of Gin would take Photoshop skills that needs to be outsourced. And generic stock photos poses a danger to the brand if they are used so often from selling bras to condoms and you wouldn't want that same picture appearing in a rival brand's advert either.

These local request changes the dynamics by specifying a rate you want to pay for the picture and a model that is unique only to you. In other other words, it is just another way to erase the Pro Photographer from your call to list.

The Snapwire photographer will produce a set of results and it is up to you to pay for them or reject them. Previously, this same business model was used for professional photographers who can be hired on the spot by companies or brands to shoot on spec.

This shoot on spec request is now open to mobile photographes on Snapwire who have gained a large following on their portfolio as well as earned points to various levels of skills needed to fulfill the request.

Sometimes when you democratize the way you do business, you can only scratch the bottom of the pool but others will say it levels the playing field between professionals and amateurs.

Who am I to say who is right or wrong?

For those of you who have plonked down thousands for a DSLR, you better find another way to charge for your business as the revolution in technology will make what you do obsolete. If big brands turn to amateurs for all their photography needs, don't you think it is time to take up a second job?



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