Monday, September 22, 2014

Photokina: How the Small Camera is winning the battle

There were no real stars of this year's Photokina, many had come to witness the demise of the DSLR and they were not disappointed. Among the many products announced, none were DSLR related that was worth mentioning. Sure there were big lenses, big cameras and such but none had the cutting edge audacity to say they had new technology.  However in the world of mobile photography,  Sony was the only one pushing the boundaries with the E-mounted ILCE-QX1.

This technically means you can attach a DSLR like camera lens module to your smart phone. Sounds cool but it really is complicated. What's more it only gives you 20 megapixels through an APS-C sensor. Not bad for low light, definitely better than the sensors on the iPhone 6 Plus but at the cost of more bulk.

I am not sure if I can buy into such a contraption. I don't really have a use for something this big and clumsy to use but I am sure I will find a way if I needed it.

Next up is from Panasonic, whose CM-1 has stolen the thunder from the DSLR. It has a spiffy Leica 28mm lens with 20 megapixels is insanely Android. 4K video is also possible so no frumping about with those dedicated video shooters. This Lumix badged device has premium written all over it and that's why it's not going to be sold outside of Europe for the time being.

Weirder still is this iPhone jacket camera called the Relonch fitted with a 20 megapixel sensor. What it does is simple, you use it as a device to connect this lens camera jacket to your iPhone. 

Now the jacket is on preorder for the iPhone 5S and its ilk. No mention of the new iPhone 6 versions. I am sure there will be one later if the specification is all there but you have to remember that storage has been a problem on the iPhone and having a 20 megapixel camera is going to weigh in heavily against you.

Finally we have the Socialmatic Camera, announced a while back and has no release date. The problem apparently is that the camera is still in Beta and rumors are abound if it will ever see daylight.


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