Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kodak resurrection: Behold the Ektra Phhone

Yes, Kodak is alive and coming back to take over Mobile Photography. This iconic name was the hallmark of great photography until its apparent collapse in the 21st century. That said, it might just be able to get it's act together to mount one last charge to change its fate for the better.

The new smarphone with the moniker... Ektraphone,  isn't a licensed device but a true to form original Kodak product and design. Sporting a 21 megapixel sensor and 3GB of RAM, this Android device would appear to be some sort of Sony Xperia phone that didn't get to production. Ok, maybe it was a Dtek 60 clone too for all we know. The Blackberry branded Dtek also has a 21 megapixel camera.

Kodak wants to sell you the Ektraphone as a lifestyle product, something you take along with you instead of that overly heavy DSLR which Canon and Nikon wants to sell you.

Trusted that most of these DSLR are within the 24 megapixel sensor arena, the Kodak smartphone would be an ideal fit. The f/2.0 lens should be a cool way to deal with low light problems and with the fancy carry all purse, it should look hip.

No sample images are available but expect these to pop up when the product releases worldwide. For now, it is only a UK only product and sells for US$550.


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