Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Panasonic updates the CM1 to CM10

This is a mobile camera. Yup. The phone feature has just been hacked away by Panasonic and it is now rebranded as the CM10.

Why CM10?

I haven't the faintest idea but it has to do with the fact that Panasonic doesn't want the CM10 to be anything more than an iPad.

The technical features haven't changed at all but the ability to make calls have now been removed totally. It makes me snicker at the fact that maybe, just maybe, there would be a hack around the corner to restore this but when that happens, you have downgraded the device to a CM1.

Network access is via LTE, which requires a SIM card. So you can probably chat with Whatsapp or LINE and even make calls using pure DATA instead of a phone call.

The Death of the Phone?

I don't know about you but tell me honestly, how many of you actually use your mobile to make a call these days. Yea, I know...but let's say Skype, Line, Kakao Talk don't count as calls, then how many hours do you use it to actually make a call?

The number drops significantly because there is no real need to make such calls at all.

Data use has replaced most phone calls and video calls can be made too with Skype without having to pay for it by the minuted.

So in reality, this CM10 makes good sense for the tech savvy youngster who gets a data call every now and then from his or her mom.

Panasonic has made one of best mobile cameras on the market and they want you to know that. By removing this one feature, they are doing what Apple has done for removing the CD drive from Macbooks and Macs.

In short, Panasonic wants you to know that the device is more than just a phone and has camera specific capabilities. 

The CM10 is only available in Japan for now, so it will be a long time coming if you want it on your shore.


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