Friday, November 13, 2015

Product Camera App lets you Shoot eBay photos

Product Camera is one of those apps that aims to solve some of your woes when it comes to product photography. It works by identifying the background area of a subject and isolating it so you get just the product picture within a white background. 

The app, which is only available for Android for now, goes some way to render a subject in the best possible light but there are some nagging problems. First is the RAM availability of the device, which can hamper the app from working. 

The second drawback, is that it isn't fool proof. 

The problem here is the algorithm that calculates the edges and color of a product before isolating it. Similar type colors within the edges of a product are hard to identify and you still have to manually erase them. Thankfully you do not have to be pixel accurate as the app can deduce which areas you want to remove from the picture. 

Regardless of what you might choose as a background, insufficient lighting will also pose a huge problem, and uneven lighting makes it even worst. So you have been warned. 

On the bright side, it does take decent product photos for you to sell stuff online provided your product is cast in sufficient lighting.

For those who are more creative, it can also allow you to photoshop backgrounds to seemingly boring selfies but you need more than this app to do that. 

There are several apps on mobile that allows you to mask a subject and drop in a background. When paired with product camera, it would be another god send for the Instagram world. 

Product camera is free to try for TEN photos, after that you have to ante up with an in-app purchase should you want it to process more photos.


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