Friday, September 11, 2015

E1 is a lens camera for your mobile device

The Z cam has been fully funded on Kickstarter and there are reasons to be excited. For as little as US$700, the Z Camera company will offer you a lens-less MFT capable compact camera that will accept all Panasonic and Olympus MFT lenses.

One thing they have left out in the details is that, this baby is actually a lens camera. It does have its own LCD screen but you'd probably use it alongside your mobile device through an app.

To be fair, this camera isn't ergonomically designed for hand held use but that's ok. You just have to remember to mount it on your tripod or minpod for hand holding. I have avoided calling this an action cam for good reason. It's not robust enough to suffer the rough and tumble use in the great outdoors. Come on, just think about the camera lens attachment and you'd know what I mean. Any drop will result in the lens coming off the camera and you can say good bye to the two. 

The low light performance is probably as good as most DSLRs and for that, you can be assured that it can replace your bulky DSLR during travels. 

For me at least, the 4K recording capability is a good but the camera has no lens stabilizer for both video or still images. 

Still images are captured at 16 megapixels in both RAW and JPG. 

As this is a kickstarter project, there are many claims which are not validated. For one, the AF system has not been independently tested to see if it works well for action style video capture, so for that, you need to buy one to find out. And buying one is strictly an online affair so getting support will mean that you have to depend on the Z cam folks. 


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