Friday, December 12, 2014

Mobile Photography Back Up: The Flickr Option

From a mobile photography perspective, there is no better hosting option than to use the flickr app to upload all your raw mobile photos up to the site via Wifi.

Look you have 1TB of storage, which probably will last you a lifetime if you don't take 21 selfies everytime you visit the loo in a day. I am all for backing up and keep shooting and for me, that is just plain awesome. What you need is just the Flickr app, once installed you can go ahead to set it up to auto-upload your photos and videos all at the same time.

Why Other Services Suck

Have you got Dropbox? How about Cool. Have you got sufficient space for backing up photos on your iPhone? I'm afraid not. I have several accounts, some of which give me 50GB of space but that pales in comparison to Flickr's 1TB storage. Drive on Google is also limited and if you have a Chromebook, you get an upgrade to 100GB for two years only. That's far too small for my needs. Another problem with both Box and Dropbox is that you don't get to see the thumbnails while browsing the files. This means you have no idea what sort of pictures you have backed up unless you remember the time you took those images.

Mobile Workflow Shortcomings

One of the problems with workflow is that you need to delete the backed up photos on your smartphone to free up space. This can be a hassle when you are on the road to your next destination. You can set up Flickr App to backup via mobile data but this is going to cost you. Remember the times you got wallop with a humungous data roaming bill? Or when you get throttled to a slower speed as you have used up all your mobile data?

Each time you have successfully backed up your photos on your smartphone, you should make it a habit to clean up the old photos as Flickr app won't auto delete them once you are done. You have 1TB of space in the cloud, so there is plenty of room for you to upload everything but sometimes the means to do so can be costly.

The only way around this problem is to do your research on what you need in terms of mobile data before selecting Auto Upload via Mobile and Wifi data. For example, in some countries, you can buy 1GB of data for a week of use, others will give you 1GB a day. The prepaid SIM card method is probably the best way to address mobile data exhaustion.Don't believe those one day flat rate no limit data schemes, those don't work as well as it should. There is always a fair use policy attached to them so don't get taken hostage by them.

Auto Backups are Private Photos

This is clearly another advantage. None of your backed-up photos are public until you set them as such. So no worries about those damning evidence on what you have been up to at the local strip joint.

You can also import images from a third source, such as a GoPro 4, Amkov SP-W501, or Sony QX lens cameras and have that backed up without having to use a laptop or notebook computer. Just remember that to have enough battery juice as you will probably need a charger or battery pack to attempt this over Wifi. Mobile is the way to go.

Flickr gets my vote for now for all my photo back-ups. So much so that I have abandoned the G+ photo backups even though it has several photo features which I find unique such as the Auto-Awesome feature. Google plus is good, but with only 15GB of storage, it hardly qualifies as a place to auto-back all your mobile photos.

What's more, Flickr accepts all your video files as well, so there is plenty of storage left over after a day of shooting.

So the next time you take a road trip, remember your data plans. The paltry storage on your iPhone or Android device isn't going to cut it once you do a whole week of shooting video and photos. So let's keep Flickr in mind. It has the best to offer for now.


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