Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making a Seene for 3D Printing

Yes folks, the technology is almost here courtesy of Seene. No more fooling around with a scanner but with this app, you can already extract enough information to print a 3D model of anything you put your iPhone to.

3D scanning can be a difficult process. Depth information has to be measure precisely for a 3D model to be printed in the real world. This present some problems for those who don't have 3D scanners to do the trick, but not anymore. Seene, which produces this wonderful WebGL 3D parallax photo sharing service is at the forefront of 3D scanning, all from the courtesy of a iPhone app.

The app will be updated to support such scanning but the 3D printer is optional. You need to own a 3D printer first before you can even think of printing an object.

Now this isn't all that difficult since 3D printers have been coming down in price over the last two years and you can actually buy one for less than US$500 bucks for a kit or semi-built version.

Larger kit printers will cost more but that's entirely up to you to decide as the Seene app itself does not restrict the size of the object as long as it is photographed at medium distance within a plain background. These are indeed exciting times for the mobile photographer as the humble smartphone finds more and more uses with the attached camera.


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