Saturday, April 5, 2014

Samsung's Revenge is Sweet

There is no better way to get back at the President than to get him into a selfie with a Red Sox-er. Needless to say, the White House is fuming after this pix was tweeted by Samsung America and took a jab at Obama's previous remark on Ellen's Oscar Selfie being a "cheap stunt".

David Ortiz of the Red Sox presented a Jersey with Obama's name on it but little did POTUS know that it was a cheap stunt for Ortiz to tweet the pix all over America. This is not a private photo, and is captured on a Samsung mobile phone.

Celebrity Mobile Photographers

What better way to promote a brand than to have these celebs who shoot selfies with other famous people. According to Ortiz, it wasn't a planned stunt but he should have known better once you sign on the dotted line to become a celebrity for Samsung mobile. That said, was he even thinking that it would have been used that way before he tweeted it?


How Sponsorship Works

It's very simple. You get a contract for X amount of dollars, and once you sign on the dotted line, everything you do becomes a representation of Samsung Inc. Unless it was explicit in the wording where Ortiz would say that anything without a #samsung would not be used by the Korean Giant for marketing. Then Samsung would have broken a contractual agreement by taking a photo from Ortiz's twitter stream.

Can Samsung be Sued?

By the White House? Of course not. Ortiz did not hold a gun to Obama's head. He asked and the President obliged. What's more there are no rules regarding retweets. If the President was more careful, he could have asked that this be kept private and personal. This is the age of the Internet baby!

Can Ortiz Sue Samsung?

Of course not. Ortiz could do the right thing by breaking the marketing contract with Samsung in light of this. The wording in the contract will determine if this holds water. If Samsung abused the agreement then Ortiz has grounds to disassociate himself. 

But which celebrity in his right mind would do that with a juicy deal? Unless Samsung was paying Ortiz peanuts, then he could switch to Nokia probably. 

Whats your Chance of getting a Samsung Sponsorship?

If you are not famous, even in a regional way, chances are you're not getting any of the pie. Come on, mobile photographers are a dime a dozen these days. Look at VSCO cam's blog. See all those pretty pictures from the VSCO photo sharing community? It's all free content and free publicity. 

If you are a famous chef, maybe. Think of Anthony Bourdain or Nigella Lawson. There could be grounds for a sponsorship. You could even be a famous singer, like maybe Lady Gaga. Even a YouTube star with over 5 million hits could win Samsung over. 

If you are a photographer, with a few thousand followers, well try harder. Sponsors like Samsung like to think big. The bigger you are, the better your chances of landing a sponsorship. Photographers are never famous enough to make the grade. The most they will get is free equipment and it is never financially beneficial. That said, you best bet is to become famous first before ever trying to sell yourself as a mobile photographer. It is the celebrity that comes before the mobile photographer designation that makes any money.



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