Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Joby GripTight Android Modification

Firstly, this is not a Hershey Chocolate Advert masquerading as legit Smartphone Photography Tip. I wish it were, then I would be paid a year's supply of chocolates for my effort. This little project came about after having had the Joby GripTight GorillaPod for so long and knowing it won't fit the Galaxy Note 2 that I had, I decided to find a way around this by creating a bridge modification. Since my intention is to do this as cheaply as possible, I decided that the Hershey Special Dark Chocolate metal case would act as the bridge to the Joby GripTight. This cool metal case has the right dimensions to hold everything steady and has room in the casing for other stuff.

To get the DIY project going, you will also need the following items:-

1. Galaxy Note 2 or 3 rear hard case. These can be found on eBay or Amazon.
2. Industrial strength Double sided Tape.

Getting Started
GN 1 Hard Case was used here as the old case fits the GN 2 but the Camera opening isn't an ideal fit
This is the easiest part. Just stick the double sided tape onto the hard case or the Hershey's metal box. Align it well before you stick them on and you're done! For me, I had a spare GN 1 case lying around so I figured that I could cut the camera opening apart and use that instead. This is what you see here in the picture.

Make sure the Hershey's metal box sliding cover doesn't obscure the camera lens when you fit it on, because the metal box actually has its uses.

As you can see from the picture, the metal box is perfect to contain your accessories, such as SIM cards, SIM adapters, SD card reader or even the Joby Griptight holder itself! Once you stick it on, you are done!

What to Expect in Actual Usage

There isn't much to worry about as the weight of the whole device might seem a tad bulky but it does work. The only thing you need to worry about is wind buffeting. A large Android device does give rise to wind resistance so you probably need to be extra careful when using this during an approaching hurricane.

The GorrilaPod seen here is made for a small iPhone like device but it should work nonetheless. However if you need something a little more steady (as the arms are relatively short), just get yourself a larger GorrilaPod and it will solve all your problems. This very cheap DIY modification is great to have in your bag while you get to eat chocolates too in the process.


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