Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CarrySpeed VF-4: Kaiju Accessory for your Camera

You can stop squinting now. I know that look, that Clint Eastwood squint while looking at the LCD display of your digital camera is now a thing of the past if you have the cash to pay for this.  Coming in at about US$180 bucks, this LCD adaptor fits on both DSLRs and compact cameras.

For any digital photographer. This is a nifty little gadget to own, especially if you carry a compact camera that doesn't come with a built in Electronic Viewfinder. Now if you own one of those Olympus PEN digital cameras, having this would be great! And you don't have to worry about buying the slide on electronic viewfinder (which is also called a VF-4).

For DSLR owners, well, I don't think this would be such a big deal unless of course you are shooting video with your camera. I don't see the value of having this if your DSLR already has a great optical viewfinder with an option to manually correct the vision as seen through a pair of spectacles.

Adaptable for all Cameras

This accessory, thankfully, can be adapted for use with nearly all digital cameras. If you hated the Leica M's viewfinder, well, you could put this on and see the world differently. The accessory mounts via the camera's tripod screw so you know it will hold steady.

On the Nikon V1, it transposes itself to Kaiju size!
I must add that for a small camera, this thing looks pretty big to carry around. Certainly not the stuff you'd put in your jacket pocket and for women, a definite turn off.

Unhinging the device would sound like a simple solution but that's only if you are transporting it, and not carrying it around. If you carry this around, you're better off doing so with a camera bag or camera vest.

But herein lies the deal. Would you spend US$180 more on a compact camera just so you have the ability to shoot in bright sunlight? Or would you save that money and ante up to a DSLR that already has a built in optical or digital viewfinder?

Go ahead, make my day. I am sure you will.


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